tHe inspiration… weird yet wierd ;)


Well yes the pic above is not the inspiration rather it is just the first i clicked, years ago..!! Weird? come on, the blog has been named wierd! 😀

Cant remember the date, but it was a 5-6 hrs Train Journey from Patna, (Bihar, India) to Bhagalpur some 12 years back. General compartment, one of the stops, named Jamalpur station. A tea vendor enters shouting, in his unsavory tone, “KHARAAB CHAI – KHARAAB CHAI” (meaning : bad, unpalatable tea) . Shocked and irked, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Is he selling tea or just wants to infuriate people who were already annoyed with the humid environment?? And for what reason??” Thought insanity had just found its perfect match! You know what, within minutes an unanticipated rush could be felt for the purchase!!! People were literally praising him from soup to nuts!! Totally captivating. The point was, pretty obvious, the tea he was selling tasted ambrosial. Expecting Praises all over? Nah the world never was and never will be, not wierd. Some tried to tease him, saying,” achhi nai hai, kharab hi hai” (meaning: its not good, in fact it is bad). The Epic Moment, his reply, “told you so”!!! shouted again, “KHARAAB CHAI…” 😉 :p                                                                                                                                          Bizarre. weird. wierd :D


The name says so. “Wierd wizard”. YES I KNOW I HAVE SPELLED IT WRONG. It should have been “WEIRD”. That it is. weird with a weird spelling. 😉 😀 😛


Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah!!!


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