The wierd Success-Failure Loop.

Green_loopYES, ITS A GODDAMN WEIRD LOOP. Seems to be nudged by the propulsion of the expert advice. Wondering what the post is about!! No its not the Post-trauma cry of the Failures neither it is the motivational version of how to get rich by some super successful business tycoon.

Heard of the Catalyst? During the time you have been reading and guessing about the probable loop theory, you have already created a loop in the electrochemical organ running on beta, alpha, theta, and delta waves as measured by the Electro Encephalograph,  Yes I am talking about the Brain. Make your Brain the Catalyst. Something which can cause or accelerate an action/reaction without being affected.

The contents discussed further will have three aspects namely the technical aspect involving brainwaves, the practical part involving realistic layman discussion and the third the weird but agreeable Incitation.

Brainwaves are created / read by EEG due to Neurons firing in the brain. till today, Scientists have been able to read it down to these kinds :

  1. BETA waves : Frequency range from 12 to 30 (Hz) Transitions or cycles per second of Neurons firing or simply say human brain activity.  Here you are awake and alert. It indicates a mental state of awareness, logical thought,analysis &  action. Active Conversation, Extroversion, Concentration , Problem Solving are happening. Your Neurons are firing Rapidly as it has developed with age of learning. Completing tasks which require left-brain activities is possible here. But spending too long in the beta range can lead to production of stress chemicals like Cortisol. You become stressed, anxious and irritable. Your immune system gets hampered, the entire system of your body, gets a hit, making you feel uncomfortable, lethargic, nervous and pushes you to Depression.
  2. ALPHA waves : Frequency range from 8 to 12 (Hz) Transitions or cycles per second of Neurons firing. Also called Berger’s waves (founder of EEG), these are positions of slowing down from beta into gentler Brain activity, where you get into the state of relaxation and calmness. Arises from Synchronous and constructive coherent electrical activities. Moments of  Day-Dreaming, light meditation, Non arousal, Hypnosis. It is a phase of relaxed alertness good for inspiration and learning.
  3. THETA waves : Frequency range from 4 to 7 (Hz) Transitions or cycles per second of Neurons firing. My Favorite, well that is what i believe,  shows an oscillatory pattern on the EEG. What to say and what to leave i can write an entire blog on THETA, and who knows, someday, i may 😉  Starting with Day dreaming, to the Floating Sensation, also the state of brain when we dream (while asleep!), Paranormal phenomena, out of body experiences, Shamanic Journeys. Associated with Life-like imagination, characterized by feeling of Oneness and linked with everything in the universe. Intuition, Inspiration and Insights flow effortlessly calling for the Light-bulb moments increasing problem solving and superb productivity. It is a very Positive and Creative Mental State.
  4. DELTA waves : High Amplitude lowest Frequency from 0 to 4 (Hz) Transitions or cycles per second of Neuron Firing. Characterized by SWS or slow wave sleep, referring to Deep Dreamless Sleep, Deep Relaxation it is normally experienced in Deep cycles. Your Body Renewal process is activated here at the cellular level and Growth Hormones are on their way to work. Highly pleasurable and rewarding yet almost never experienced in consciousness
  5. GAMMA waves : Lowest Amplitude highest Frequency from 30 to 100 (Hz) Transitions or cycles per second of Neuron Firing. Recently discovered, least understood but Yes the most intriguing behavior of the brain. 40 Hz is the average Human gamma brain wave transition known. Intensive Burst of Higher Order Thinking, Peak Concentration and extremely high levels of Cognitive Functioning are the some assessed features.

Now the Clarion view of the technical aspect:

At a specific point of time and event, different parts of the brain operate at different frequencies altogether. The most dominant frequency part of your brain dominates the behavior at different times. Like explained below:

Beta shows heightened creativity, moving to state of peace and tranquility. Stage of Learning and memorizing information, feeling of well being , bad feelings slip away.

Alpha indulges into automatic performance of functions with learned sub-conscious patterns not involving or needing quick reactions and awareness.Calmness, relaxation or regularized form of work is a key factor.

Theta the funny thing, can get you into such automatic mode that on a freeway driving u may realize not remembering the last 15 mins of travelling or last 5 km that you may have moved. So automatic actions that you get into a complete mental disengagement with the current work which is automatically being handled by your subconscious mind. The Eureka moment, the oh i get it moment may come out without even recognizing how you got there!!

Delta the healer will make you rest, get calm, and ultimately rejuvenate. The Unconscious mind comes into action letting your body get renewed and helping you get into a different realm altogether.

Gamma is the brainwave state of full sweep action, peak mental and physical performance putting you on a high “i can do anything” stage. Meditation, beyond doubt gets you there. If not, use Music, specially Trance to get in the groove!!! 😀

So the usually independent left and right side of the brain emitting different frequencies, reaching peaks independently have to be synchronized like all the different frequency parts. Know the Solution : Synchronization to Synergy!! Your brain can be positioned to a very powerful controlled stage where everything can be set right!


You already know when (at what brainwave) we work good or bad. But this is only about our planned behavior rather it has to incorporate how we act and react to external environment (social conditions, traditions, rules and regulations, history, current situations, public perception, other people’s behavior or judgmental attitude, discrimination) and internal attitudes (habits, lusts, greed,  interests and disinterests, like and dislikes, feelings, perception, fear.. the long list  :O 😉 )

If only we remain positive , motivated and calm, the external effects on the brainwaves (i.e. our behaviors, action and reactions)  will get minimized . And that is where we can excel using our own super computers 😉  . But here is what happens, most of the times, to most of the people and beyond doubt even to me. We start things on a positive note, plan things well, work for it, and then a lot of Beta waves eventually move you from just a workaholic to a stressed menial servant of your own expectations leading to anxious panic-stricken moments worried about the results more than anything else. And unfortunately, when you are already freaked out on your own, people (some in good faith who may really care and some super experienced advisers of World Dhershana(over-smart) committee)  will jump in to give you not so welcome ADVICE, which eventually freaks you out to the core. And this is the time you hold on to your nerves and calm your Beta to jump to Alpha. How do you do that? Two Options are there, one is to Meditate, take a deep breath and Distract your self. Distraction may be defined differently by different people. I would suggest, whatever it takes just leave the problem to settle down eventually to become manageable. The other route out is Music, which beyond doubt, ll help you calm your nerves. Whatever is your favorite genre, listen to some good music. 

Success or Failure does not represent any end result. History has proved, the Mightiest have fallen and the weakest has risen. Time and again it ‘ll get repeated. Thus if it is not the end why bother. Live your life and get out of the loop!!! The everlasting and never-ending loop of success and failure. Have you sit down lately, get yourself into the Alpha or the Theta groove, and think, “why are you running after success?” And how do you define success, if already have a fixed point of target, do you think once achieved, the wholesome purpose of life is going to get settled? Even the basic most chapter of Economics talks about The Unlimited Human wants and the limited means to fulfill these wants, thus leading to the agenda of Choice. You set a target, call it success, then you start chasing it. If it is achieved, its success else failure which will let you chase it again and again. And once target has been achieved you wont just call it the day, rather will set another higher target, told you, Unlimited human wants.. Did you just realize presence of the Loop i have been talking about. Its endless. 

Get out of the loop. Live your life the way it is. Now. I am not at all telling you to stop having career targets or moving up the ladder of wealth but yes what i intend to actuate you towards enjoying the greatest gift that has been bestowed upon you. LIFE. 

Smile. Greet. Dance. Donate. Do weird stuff. Chill & Do nothing. Relax. Sleep. Dream. Breathe. Eat & Cook. Enjoy and spread Joy. Meditate. Listen to Music. Help. Smile.

Thats life. Success and Failure isn’t. 

🙂  😉  😛  😀








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