The oblivious gift.

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Wisdom moves way ahead, way above intelligence. Brilliance comes when they meet.                                        The rendition for these terms lies in the interpretation of the following dictum:


…It is rightly said,        

” Yesterday is History,     Tomorrow remains a mystery,     but today is a gift…

                                                                                           that is why we call it the “Present”…

One can use intelligence to decipher the past , construe the future but to fathom the fact that today, the current time, this instance, right now is a precious gift lingering to get unpacked for you, is a matter of wisdom.

Too much time is spent from the Present in decoding the past, rather not only decoding but regretting over what could have been done in a far better manner. That will straightaway pull us to worry about the future. And to unravel the future, we do time travel, don’t we? Yes we do ! We carry ourselves to already bygone times where we can only be mere spectators not able to change a thing. Its a freaking vicious circle. For the future we look back to the past & about the past – it keeps us on our toes for the future.

The most intelligent of all the living beings, the human being keeps wandering through the epic tales of history to the mysterious treasures of the future, “Maya”. No wonder the term “enjoy” revels more in past and the future than in current substance. There is absolutely no harm in remembering the past or dreaming for the future. But getting stuck in that, is getting yourselves enmeshed and entrapped in the same vicious circle, again and again!

They joke, at times of work, even watching the wall becomes more interesting than any other thing in the world. So you sat down watching the wall (if you know what i mean 😉 ), for say 30 minutes, did you realize you moved around 835 km? Earth rotates at an average speed of 1670 km/hr. And with an orbit speed of 30 km per second, woof! We obviously don’t feel it as we are travelling with the planet and are too tiny to feel this. And after half an hour where are we, in spite of travelling so much, nowhere, just lost 30 minutes of the present every now and then time travelling. Interesting huh?

It is wise to recognize the mistakes of the past and dream something great for the future but not wise to just being static. Move, work, run, study, design, treat, party, enjoy, smile. Because every moment you lose thinking of the past is fast becoming the past. Do you understand the gift that you have got? Dream but work for it, Regret but learn and move on, because it is now when you do, you wouldn’t want to stay with ” what i did & what shall i do”!

“I shouldn’t have done this, i wish i could have done that” will take you nowhere if you stay still and cry over your past thinking and regretting. Move on with the world. Work so you do not regret tomorrow that this day again i could have worked harder. Only you can change this. There is nothing like “no way out”. At least try so you feel the present. Unleash the Animal within, i say vent out the real you. Right now.

If you ask a random person, hey why do you work so hard? The common reply would be to lead a happy life, but when, whats the target, in future? What about right now, why cant we find happiness in everything around us right now?

Remember today is a gift, and that is why it is called the “present”. Open it.

When you open your eyes in the morning, smile for it has been the most beautiful thing your mother felt when she would have seen you first when you were just a newborn.        You are the gift. Start enjoying what you every bit of what you do because however crazy you are doing this, some day when you couldn’t realize your father would have loved every crazy thing you did. For the family, for the friends, for the one you love, and most important for yourself, Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy every Now. Stay happy, because this is the Present, this will always make or change the past as well as the future.

Stay happy now, in the present, this will become a happy past and will pave the way for a happier future!  Do what you always wanted to do and you dint for you must not keep it waiting for someday in future, your calendar never had and never will have that “someday” unless it is “today”!!!

Who are you, the intelligent time traveler, or the wise and crazy “you” who Loves, Lives, Works, and Enjoys every bit of the Present- Right now!!!





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