LEARNING – the known & the unknown!

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Your Knowledge can grow as large as the universe itself, Start Learning!



“I know stuff. She knows a mammoth more. And his knowledge is magnificent.” Have you ever thought so? We all know things, we would have learnt through all the experiences of life. Some of us may puff up on our knowledge and learning and some may be unsatisfied by how less they we know. There is the third kind : The curious one – may know little but always is eager to learn more. Even the ones who have the wisdom of a genius remain open to learning something more. And that is the essence of our evolution as Homo Sapiens – Learning!

We may not realize that we have come a long way from Nakalipethicus ( Earlier apes from around 10 million years ago ) to Ardipethicus ( Early bipedal human like apes) to Homo Habilis ( Stone tools users ) then Homo Erectus ( Fire users) and Neanderthals (cooking & clothing) & further Homo Idaltu the modern ones. Well that’s our biological history, but what did you notice more? Things we have been learning throughout these million years. From Walking to Clothing, we have always been great learners.

You can well consider that as long past stuff which took a lot of time to happen. Talk now Modern era: Science and Technology, Inventions & Discoveries, International trade and commerce! Err talk latest stuff. How much time does any one take to learn how to use a latest app on our smartphones? Using smart watches ? What do we do about something we do not know much about – simple, we learn.

Have you heard of anyone around you who knows more than two languages? Many you ll find for sure, but people who can read, write and speak more than 5 languages ? How do they do it? How do people become English Teachers without being Native English speakers. Everyone learns. And if everyone can, why can’t you learn something new?

I have never talked about what I do, in my blogs, but i really want way more than things i do. I feel the immense spread between what i do and what i can. And that gap will get filled up only by learning. I always had believed i ‘ve been a people’s person.I would love to negotiate whether its a personal matter or a business deal. I belong to the finance stream and have always loved Economics with which i Graduated, I have been a teacher of subjects ranging from Economics , Finance , Business to English language. Have been working on projects for my own startup. But still there was a certain lag i have been combating with. Even if I had this confidence over my marketing skills, I needed to be perfectly sure about. And what you need is always somewhere around you, being offered by the universe. Thankfully i got an offer from someone who showed trust in me to work with him in his real estate company, under marketing division. And here I am, learning how to deal with people under sales conditions. Even if this is temporary, i am still learning. And I am loving it.

Beyond any doubts, it is rightly said, ” To be a Good Speaker one has to be a Good listener first”. At times there are situations in my current training cum work, I am told stuff i already know and I am left with two options, either to reply that yeah i know that! Or to sit with patience and listen to the other person if there can be a remote thing, a minute detail which i may not know about and grab this oppotunity to learn. And ofcourse the second one is a way better thing to do.

I am learning and there is so much to learn around, i will always be learning, but one thing for sure, i will get better day by day with the things i learn. There is no dearth of fields you can learn in. No one should have the right to restrict you to learn different things from different streams? Cant a doctor learn to play guitar? Cant a musician learn karate? weird? Oh Come on! the world is weird, so what? No ones stopping you to learn. I know someone who knows 17 languages, and yet is from a way different field of work, not at all related to use of more than 2 languages.

The relevant part though is to start rather than just dream about it. Right now, when you would have read this, you should get going. Take a leap of faith,  start today, something you would have wanted but have always been thinking, “if time permits”. You are the master of your own time.  Learn what you always wanted to, live your life the way you aspire to, take initiative. Start learning something new, something you would have been dreaming about. Learn, share, teach, and repeat. You Can, at your will, always learn anything, anytime. Learn to know more than you already do. GO!!!

Knowledge is non-rivalrous i.e. consumption of it by one does not limit the amount available to others to have it as well. It should also be Non-excludible i.e. accessible to all. If we learn more, we should share it as well. And to share more, learn more! 😉

Do you notice when famous speakers give some speech? Why do the elderly love to tell you so much they have experienced in their lives. They learn with time, have all those experiences, and what they have learnt they share freely!!


                                 KEEP LEARNING – THE KNOWN AND THE UNKNOWN!


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